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When asked, "What would you say to other families who are considering SDSD services?"

Answer: DO IT!! I was VERY hesitant at first (I simply cannot think of a stronger word than  hesitant or I would use that) to utilize the services of SDSD - simply because I didn't know what they were and I didn't want my child to have a "label." I very quickly learned how naive and uneducated I was and the wonderful opportunities they can provide for my child, our family, and our community.  What they have done for us cannot be expressed in words! The can provide so much and help you integrate so many things into your everyday life.

 Parent of an SDSD Outreach Client

Early Hearing Detection & Intervention

The Joint Committee on Infant Hearing and U.S. Public Health Service's Healthy People 2010 health objectives recommend that all newborns be screened for hearing loss by 1 month of age, have diagnostic follow-up by 3 months of age, and receive appropriate intervention services by 6 months of age. Early hearing screening is critical in making the best decision for a child's future. 

Check out the above video about early hearing detection and identifcation. The video was created through the collaborative efforts of South Dakota Department of Health (https://doh.sd.gov), University of South Dakota, and South Dakota School for the Deaf.

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